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True love never die I am a very confident and secure person with strong values and beliefs. My passion is my belief in God, family, animals, and charitable causes that serve a true purpose. Having a great sense of humor...'

friendly easygoing like to have fun i am easy to get along with like going out meeting new friends' we live in California

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The son of a ....did it again I guess he found out about my adventures cause he is out doing it again. So we have come to an agreement...he fucks who he wants and I fuck who I want. UPDATE: Thanks to all of you who contacted me, and especially to the many of you who helped me get my revenge. Wow-I never knew sex could be that much fun. Anyway, I am going to slow down a bit and be a bit more picky now that I have gotten even. looking sex. New sex. Old sex. Just sex. I have never been with a woman or a couple, that would be fun. Otherwise I am just looking for fun!

Find me if you can!!!! Looking for that some one!!!!! No need so be a body builder, as long as jou except me for who'm I am and treat me with respect. Couples (man and woman) or Groups Living in California City, California, United States

If you are .... .... a couple with a (baby)-girl, or a single mom with a (baby)-girl ( you can also be already, or again, pregnant) then you have found me. I am the one, who will be interested of having sex with "all members" of the family. No matter if old or young. Even with the dog of the family. I dream of having my cock in the daughter, during I will be fucked by the dog. At the same time, I will lick the (pregnant) mama during she is fucked in the ass by her husband or boyfriend. I also would fuck the dog, during he has his cock and knot in mamas pussy, while she is licking the daughter, which is fucked by the father in her ass. 2 3 6 located in California

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hi all the ladys that be there for me im a latino man that lives alone and im looking for ladies to have sex but first we have to meet each other

hi guys..!wanna have fun try me baby I am a very caring,passionate,charming, loving and even talk of anything romantic and erotic.The crispy19aicelle at Y interested in a wide variety of activities and I'm willing to try new things.I know one thing for sure if we don't hit it off romantically we will end up friends. 20, 26,

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Thank you so much for offering this site on a trial basis. I met my boyfriend on this site. He is from Chicago and was signed on for a trial basis. In the short time he replyed to my profile and we have been chatting/dating. I think it is very important to be able to take the time to get to know each other first and dating sometimes does not offer you opportunity to really express yourself honestly as much as emails in which you can be upfront and honest, if you want to have a lasting relationship. I live in Michigan and although he is far away I value the time that we do spend together. Just wanted to show my appreciation for your site, it has definitely changed my life.

... I really LOVE this site. after fooling around with AFF I think this site is the BOMB!!

Never had so much fun in ages. Brilliant site, well thought out, and very moreish..will keep on returning Keep up the good work all. The best site on the net, nothing compares to this.

It makes such a change to actually get a response back even from a mere "thankyou" and you can be sure I will pass your site on.I have quite a few who might be interested in joining ...anyway without sounding like a parrot thank you again :)

The success story is simply how has improved the site....and its function. I'm a technology guy,...and have worked as project manager on many migrations. NOT AN EASY THING! Your members should only know!! and the tech team has done a wonderful job. Also...the credit tokens to VIP members was a pure touch of class! I'll be a IWU fan for a long time to come! Good luck, Reg Tardiff
I love you're site! we have made lot's of new friends. We have met peoples near us that we did'nt even know were here. We are having lot's of fun thank's to you!

It has been about a month and a half since I found my way to your web sight - and met the love of my life a few days later! I did write a few weeks ago that things were going well, and things continue to get better and better. We have kept some kind of contact each and every day since the day we met six weeks ago. Everything fell in to place immediately. Our first date lasted seven hours - it went from dinner - to two hours in the lounge of the restaurant listening to a really cool band to two hours in a donut shop parking lot watching the snow fall. It gets better and better every time we see each other. He has rescued me off of the highway when my car broke down - TWICE and played chaufer for me during the whole car trouble deal. I have been really sick the last few days, and tonight he made me soup and curled me up under his comforter. He calls me when he knows I am driving in the snow - just to make sure I am ok. There are all these really weird coincedences like our sons and our cats have the same names and lots of other really weird twilight zone things. I am loving every minute of every day with him in my life - and I have your service to thank for him!!! I will continue to keep you posted....

Repunzel64 California
I became a member on over a year ago. Since that time I have met some really great people. Most have become great friends, but just recently I met someone that has become a very special part of my life. About a month ago, I received an email from one of your new members. We began sharing email, and continued to do so for about a week. Then one Sunday, I got a message from him saying he was at the radio station (he is a DJ), and for me to tune into his station so I could hear his voice (he had seen my pic, but I had not seen his). We emailed back and forth that afternoon while I listened to his show. During the following week we talked on the phone and shared more email, setting up our first date for that weekend. I still did not know what he looked like, but we had so much in common, from the music we listen to, to our spirituality, that I knew if the romance was not there, we would definitley become friends.
When we met for the first time, there was an instant attraction. It was more than just a physical attraction, and we have dated every weekend since. After visiting the dating sites for over a year, I was really beginning to doubt if I would ever meet someone who would become more than a friend, so my advice to everyone out there searching is to be patient.... you just never know!
I am very thankful to you people for making my experience on the internet a very enjoyable one and look forward to making many new friends and filling my life with knowledge of have made me feel very at ease learning and enjoying the computer.........THANK YOU.........once again!!!!!!!!

GoldBird Thank You!
Your services are great. The best I have found so far on the net.
rheta thank you for being so kind to me ok ! i'm new here so bare with me ok ..... this is a verry good chat i really do like it i've made friends already thank you!!!!!! Creative64 I have to thank you for your California dating services. I've been a member for over 6 mos. and never thought I would find a woman of my dreams. I've written to several but never found anything in common with them. I was about to give up when I had a woman write to me. I waited for a week before I answered back and we exchanged pictures. We talked over the phone and found out we have a lot in common. Even though she found me first, I fell in love with her. She lived in NC and I lived in SC! I've never been in a long distance relationship but we tried it and I decided to move to NC so I could be closer to her. She asked me to move in with her and I accepted. Since then, we have grown fonder of each other and share our inner most secrets. Now, I have proposed to her and she accepted. We can't wait until next year to become husband and wife. I can't thank you enough. Your program works! I wish everyone the best in life and you can find that special person. Thanks again,

because i met probably the best friend i'll ever have in life on here! *thank you* much! don't
have time for any more friends.
I will be getting married in July to a very wonderful man that I met through We started writing last August and our wedding date is July 21st. Again Many thanks!!!

The success story is simply how has improved the site....and its function. I'm a technology guy,...and have worked as project manager on many migrations. NOT AN EASY THING! Your members should only know!! and the tech team has done a wonderful job. Also...the credit tokens to VIP members was a pure touch of class! I'll be a IWU fan for a long time to come! Good luck, Reg Tardiff California.

I don't know where to tell you about my success story with your club but I met "jing20" on 3/12/01 and we got married last weekend on 5/17/03. She's from the Philippines and I'm from a suburb of California. How about that.

Thank you for your services and quick response. I will continue to access in the future and consider purchasing a VIP pass. Your diligence

hi all state California I just loved looking at hard cocks. He liked me watching and not just going on and getting him off. He said it was a real turn on for him and most times he had to take care of it after I left. located in California

hi One day he started talking about the sex he and his wife had in their early years and how good it was. How they liked to get it on any place in the house besides the bedroom. He and I didn't go around naked any, but he was this time and I knew he was really wanting to get some relief. I decided to strip all my clothes off when I cleaned the bathroom as I was feeling pretty horny myself and besides it was easier to clean their tub that way. Being naked around a man always made me wet because

looking for sex in California I was so turned on by it. I finally got around to cleaning the tub which was a whirlpool type. Because it was fairly large I had to get in it to give it a really good cleaning. When I finished the back side I stepped out and stood at the edge, bent over and was wiping out the rest of it. He came up behind me, grabbed my hips and shoved his cock all the way in to his balls in one motion
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